The Standards Association of Zimbabwe has a project to draft a standard on reusable facemasks.


To draft the national standards on reusable face masks.

 Scope of the project

The standard lays down the requirements for the manufacture and performance of reusable facemasks.


Justification of the project:

This standard will help in the fight of the COVID-19 pandemic as it will stop the spread of the virus to others.

It is an acceptable international best practice to link national standards developed in an open process with the technical regulatory framework.


Standard-setting process 

Timeline– the expected date of publication is November 2020.

Standard-setting procedure

Invitation to participate


If you are a stakeholder in the materials, textiles, and packaging industry or the safety, health, environment, and quality industry, it is important that you participate in the development of these standards to ensure your concerns are taken on board.

Those who wish to take part in this committee please contact Mrs.L. K. Masveure by 26 May 2020.

Standards Association of Zimbabwe
Northridge Park
Northend Close
Tel: +242-882017/8/9, 882021/2, 885511-2

Zimbabwe Standard FD 003 – D1048/1

This draft is now available for public comment. Your views and technical comments on it would be appreciated.  If you have no specific comments to make but find it generally acceptable it would be helpful if you would notify us accordingly.  Suggestions entailing revisions of the text should indicate the preferred wording using the attached template.  The relevant clause number should be quoted against any comment.

Click here to download the draft

All comments should be sent to the Committee Secretary Mrs. L Masveure at the address shown below.

Standards Association of Zimbabwe

P O Box 2259