The Standards Association of Zimbabwe has a project to draft a standard on poultry egg hatchery machine.


  • To draft the national standards on poultry egg hatchery machine.

Scope of the project

  • The standard seeks to specify the basic minimum requirements for poultry egg hatchery machine components.

Justification of the project: 

  • This standard will help in the fight against the challenges associated with efficiency experienced through low hatching rates.

It is an acceptable international best practice to link national standards developed in an open process with the technical regulatory framework.

Standard-setting process < hyperlink to standards development>

Timeline– the expected date of publication is November 2021.

Standard-setting procedure < hyperlink zws100>

Invitation to participate

If you are a stakeholder in the electro-technical industry, it is important that you participate in the development of these standards to ensure your concerns are taken on board.

Those who wish to take part in this committee please contact Mrs. L. K. Masveure by 14 October 2020.

Standards Association of Zimbabwe
P O Box 2259
E-mail: lmasveure@saz.org.zw

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